18 Must Try Alkemista Infused Cocktails


TBDE recently teamed up with a few awesome Mixologists and Ethan+Ashe to help launch the Alkemista infusion vessel. This great product transforms ordinary alcohol into extraordinary infused spirits, cocktails, and bitters with ease.  

We were so excited to discover all these amazing Alkemista Infused cocktails, we wanted to share some of our favorites and introduce you to the mixologists behind them.

01. Element Shrub

Element Shrub is all about making non-alcoholic #shrubs with apple cider vinegar for mocktails, cocktails and cooking. They create an awesome line up of cocktails on their page, like this fancy version of the original @soggydollarbar Painkiller using @ethanashebrand cinnamon infused @starrrum. Read More about this cocktail.

02. MMYDrinks

MMYDrinks is all about cocktail adventures at home and on the road. He is always tempting us with great drinks like this cocktail made with the delicious Cinnamon infused @starrrum from @ethanashebrand. Read more about this cocktail.


03. The Fermented Alaskan

Born and raised in Alaska, The Fermented Alaskan loves infusing and creating her own cocktails. Her page is a must follow for the outdoor cocktail enthusiast. For this cocktail she used cinnamon infused Star Rum @starrrum to create an incredible journey for your taste buds. Read more about this cocktail.

The Fermented Alaskan

04. Spirited LA

Whether you are looking for amazing original cocktails or the best spots to drink in LA, Spirited LA is a page that you are gonna love. This drink called the Buellton, is made with Black Denim Spice Infused Bourbon. Read More about this cocktail. 

Spirited LA

05. SweetnBoozy

When sugar meets booze, it's nothing but sweet loving. If you have a sweet tooth like us, you need to follow SweetnBoozy for some sweet treats, like this Cinnamon Infused Snickerdoodle. Read More about this cocktail. 


06. Apartment Bartender

For those who fancy a great drink, a decent chuckle and some fresh shenanigans, look no further. The Apartment Bartender is one of our favorite home mixologists, delivering delicious cocktails like this one, Mr. High Maintenance, which is made with basil infused @loftandbear vodka. Read more about this cocktail.

Apartment Bartender

07. Cocktail Guru 

The Cocktail Guru is learning the way, one cocktail at a time. This home enthusiast, shares some great drinks like this Tiki Inspired cocktail using cinnamon infused @starrrum and Amaro Montenegro. Read more about this cocktail.

Cocktail Guru

08. Sasha Dallas Girl

Craft cocktail lover. Home bartender. Texas spitfire. Sasha Dallas Girl serves up some impressive cocktails, like this Cinnamon Star. Read more about this cocktail. 

Sasha Dallas Girl

09. Way of the Wong

This LA vivant loves tech and cocktails. You are going to want to follow Way of the Wong for some at home and on the go cocktails from around town. This basil infused gem looks amazing! Read more about this cocktail.

Way of the Wong

10. Barrel Aged Dad

Family man. Lover of the craft. Home bartender. Amateur photographer. This Phoenix native shares some creative cocktails. Follow Barrel Aged Dad for some delicious drinks like "The 501" made with a little Black Denim Spice and a little tequila. Read more about this cocktail. 

Barrel Aged Dad

11. Maxy Mixalot

If you love pretty cocktails, you are gonna love Maxy Mixalot. This drink called Fancy Pants(suit) delivers the perfect balance of grapefruit and basil infused vodka. Read more about this cocktail.

Maxy Mixalot

12. Express and Discard

This south Philly bartender loves experimenting with unique cocktails. So if you like the sound of smoked eggplant syrup and Zirbenz pine liqueur with rosemary, you will love Express and DiscardRead More about this cocktail. 

Express and Car


13. Mixology Guide

For a showcase of the vanguard and cutting-edge cocktails you need to follow Mixology Guide. This “Bitter-Sweet Revival” pits Rhubarb & Aperol against each other to create a harmonious blend of sweet, bitter & sour.  Read More about this cocktail.

Mixology Guide

14. Home Bar Girl

Home Bar Girl shares some awesome at home recipes that you are going to want to try like this wonderfully complex, partially medicinal fall cocktail, made with Black Denim Spiced. Read More about this cocktail. 

Home Bar Girl

15. Spirt and the Spoon

Cocktail Stylist and Brand Consultant, Spirt and Spoon creates some gorgeous cocktails like this one called “Through the Woods”. We are big fans of his drinks, so we asked him to do a takeover on our page.  Read More about this cocktail.

Spirit and the Spoon

16. Shaun Traxler

Shaun Traxler is a craft focused bartender and bar consultant residing in Fayetteville, AR. You will find him sharing creative flavors like this Cinnamon rum cocktail using House Banana/Orange/Carrot Juice. Read More about this cocktail.  

Shaun Traxler

17. Nick Britsky

Detroit cocktail enthusiast, ad sales guy & bartender, Nick Britsky seems to everywhere. He introduces followers to cool bars, fun events and original cocktails like this one he calls Hotel Room Photo. Read More about this cocktail. 

Nick Britsky

18. Garden Cocktails

Last, but not least on our list, is Garden Cocktails. This novice balcony gardener and master tinkerer, lives in NYC and loves making cocktails with herbs, flowers, and botanical things. This cinnamon infused recipe from Smugglers Cove, is one we HAVE TO TRY. Read more about this cocktail. 

Garden Cocktails

Thank you to Ethan + Ashe for bring all these great mixologists together. To learn more about the launch of The Alkemista, check out their Kickstarter. It's already fully funded, but there still might be time for you to jump in on the pre-order. To check out some of the cocktails TBDE made, head over to our Instagram.