The Dehydrated Citrus Wheel #GarnishGame


Welcome to Summer. One of the greatest and latest ways bartenders have been garnishing cocktails is by simply adding a wheel of dehydrated fruit to the cocktail. It can be served slivered, angled against the cocktail cup or simply afloat the beverage. The simplicity often times shocks me in contrast to the amazing visual and tasting effect it creates on the drink.

Important note - One shall not fear consuming the garnish. Whether it's orange, grapefruit, blood orange or lime, it's an amazing treat and often balances the drink it accompanies.

DIY - Citrus Wheel Garnish -- Recipe:

P: Kato78 - one of the most talented food and drink photographers we've seen in a while. Make sure to follow him! 🙌🏽.

1. Slice citrus of choice in 1/4in. thick slices.

2. Avoid mixing the fruits, batch them individually, racking them in a baking sheet and cooking in a preheated oven at 170 degrees. A dehydrator can be used also at slightly lower temps.

3. Cooking times will vary based on fruit from 5-8 hours, the juicier, the longer they will take.

4. Rotate them every 2 hours until they are completely dried and slightly moldable.

With intoxicating aroma and bittersweet taste, the ever changing colors of the fruit will transform the drink and set it apart from the rest.

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