The Negroni :: TBDE Sits Down with Bar Toscana


Angelenos will tell you that Bar Toscana has consistently delivered the best cocktails in the Westside of LA for a very long time. It has been a well matched compliment to the storied Toscana, a longtime favorite of locals and high profile celebrities like the great Al Michaels who swears by the steak dinner he often orders next door. 

To this day, the bar remains among the LA’s top cocktail spots, constantly striving to find fresh ingredients like the herbs that are carefully handpicked right outside of the restaurant. The Amari on display at the bar range from classics like Montenegro to the new Cynar 70. And while Bar Toscana does not hide its Tuscan roots, it wows patrons with a plentiful selection of whiskeys, and even moonshine often mixed in SoCal inspired cocktails. 

This week, we caught up with Hotel Cipriani alum William Perbellini, who brings the cocktail program to life at Bar Toscana every single night. Our topic of interest - The Negroni. The all Italian classic cocktail. 

“My favorite cocktail is the Americano,” says William, during a recent sit down with The Best Drink Ever.  Fitting for an Italian transplant enjoying life in LA.  “It is the original version of the Negroni, using sparkling water rather than gin.” William laughs as he retells the story of how the Negroni was created by someone who was definitely in search of a better, stronger version of the amazing Americano cocktail. “It definitely makes it for a much stronger cocktail, which better appealed to American tastes.” 

William’s Negroni preparation and ingredient selection stays true to the classic recipe. He is after all, a purist, but one who isn’t afraid to experiment with alternatives like the Negroni barrel aging process he’s been mastering for years. For the Negroni, Campari, Cinzano 1757 and Martin Miller Gin combine. The drink is stirred well and served under an amazingly clear spheric ice cube and garnished with an orange slice. 

Simply delicious and definitely among the Best Negronis we ever tasted.

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