24 Hours in Boston: A Craft Cocktail Roadmap

King Louie @ Yvonne's

King Louie @ Yvonne's

Let's face it, Boston isn't known for its vibrant cocktail scene.  It has been historically characterized by a vibrant selection of pubs and sports bars, perfect to catch a Red Sox game, eat great seafood and talk shit about New York. 

There is hope however for those looking for a cocktail affair, even if for a little while. We recently spent 24 hours in Boston and went looking for what the city had to offer in this category - the best cocktail bars worth checking out in Boston, only if for a night:  

Happy Hour at the The Hawthorne

Start the night by heading to the Commonwealth Hotel for a nice pre meal cocktail right by historic Fenway Park. It’s no surprise that Spirited Awards gave Boston a nod In the Hotel Bar category given how talented and diverse some of this snazzy cocktail bar creations are. 

The Drink: The Wayfarer: Ford’s Gin meets Cynar meets maple notes under a lime citrus base. 

Dinner and Drinks at No. 9 Park

Next, head to dinner at one of Boston’s premier restaurant destinations.  Explore the cocktail menu which is divided between “greatest hits” of past cocktail directors and some of the current restaurant creations, all under the careful supervision of its house mixologists.  The restaurant also offers themed cocktail classes with complimentary bar snacks specifically created by Chef Ben Weisberger, No. 9 Park’s Chef de Cuisine. 

The Drink: The Kingston Negroni: there's a few variations of the negroni that deserve special mention and the Kingston featuring Smith and Cross Jamaican rum is one of them. 

Late Night Drinks at Yvonne's

In true speakeasy fashion, this relatively new supper club delivers in the ambiance category, as patrons head down through a barbershop only to encounter a vibrant scene with a robust cocktail list awaiting. The menu is extensive and diverse, ranging from classics to tiki inspired tropical vibes. 

The Drink: King Louie: Vodka, coconut, roasted pineapple, banana, nutmeg come together in a hurricane glass filled with pebble ice and garnished with tropical notes worth every sip and perfect for making the night special, every step of the way.