Rabo de Galo :: A Brazilian Classic Revived with a New Spirit

Rabo de Galo

The Artistic Inspiration: Food Panoramas in Brazil.

Renowned Food photographer Sergio Coimbra showcases a diverse array of culinary and mixology masters, currently displaying his portraits at the Cultural space @unibescultural in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

It features portraits of typical #BrazilianStreet and fair food commonly displayed with an array of colors, textures and tastes.

Bar consultant, brand ambassador and Guarita bar owner Jean Ponce knows a thing or two about showcasing Brazilian mixology while leveraging the local fare.

The Drink: Rabo de Galo literally the tail of the cock 🐓 or cocktail.
Pc. @jeanponce7

The Rabo de Galo is the Brazilian version of the original Prohibition cocktail with a twist. It's no coincidence the name is a word play on the English language. It features the scented Cachaça as its main spirit stirred with sweet Vermouth and served over a large rock.

Created with simplicity for simple times, it transcended ages and social classes, gaining cult status and a refined appeal.

For the Cachaça, Jean recommends the elegant @cachacayaguara mixed along with a top shelf vermouth. The proportions could vary according to taste with some electing for a 2 to 1 ratio prior to stirring.

A classic revived with a new favorite spirit. Saúde!