The New York Sour :: Copacabana Palace Hotel

The New York Sour

We continue our journey through #Brazil, featuring its top venues and bartenders, in preparation for the Summer Olympics in Rio.

The Pioneer: Jessica Sanchez from the famous Copacabana Palace Hotel in Rio de Janeiro

Yesterday, we witnessed as America made history by nominating the first woman to run for president of the United States.

South of the Hemisphere, a similar revolution took place last year as @semsanchez became the first female Bar Manager for what is considered a top hospitality destination worldwide.

In a male dominated industry, where players, marketing, tastes are highly targeted towards men, her recipes at Mee and #Cipriani Bar aim to please crowds regardless of gender, age (the legal drinking age in Brazil is 18 🙂), national origin and most important, taste.

The Drink: The New York Sour
PC: @tomasrangel

While Brazil is known for its exotic fruits and the eternal caipirinha (more to come on that), local #mixologists often rely on Prohibition classics with subtle variations to feature in their menus.

This classic sour features Bourbon whiskey, lime, sugar, egg white and a float of red wine.

The red wine is carefully poured over the drink to create a gamma of colors, giving the libation a profile similar to the beautiful Rio de Janeiro sunrise. 🍷