Andrew Winters Creates the Old Man and the Sea


In addition to his perfectly trimmed facial hair and a mustache that resembles the great bartenders of the Prohibition era, Andrew Winters is best known for hiding at a local speakeasy somewhere in Anaheim, CA. We heard about him and his loyal following. Needless to say, it piqued our interest. 

We decided send our talented host. Laura Odegard, on a mission to find Andrew, so we headed to The Blind Rabbit, a cozy, speakeasy with elevated handcrafted cocktails and a hidden entrance located in the Anaheim Packing District. Not your typical drinking well, but that’s the whole point about these places - to lay low - isn’t it? 

From the moment we’ve arrived on scene, it was clear that there was a special feel for the entire place. The entrance, in true speakeasy fashion, hides behind a fake wall, only identifiable by the small rabbit sticking out of nowhere. 

Once inside, the friendly staff is quick to accommodate patrons who are often looking for something unique to be tasted, typically relying on Andrew’s expertise for a suggestion or simply, “Dealer’s Choice”.

Andrew’s creations carry a lot of thought and purpose, and combined, they create one of the most unique and distinguished cocktail menus in Orange County, CA if not further. But as often as it goes with places like The Blind Rabbit, the best bet for patrons is to trust the palate and tell him what you want in a drink: 

One gentleman walked in asked me for something with rum - but not a rum drink. Something spiced with cinnamon. He was looking for something spirited, boozy, a drink layered with flavors from the different ingredients. 

The Drink: Old Man and the Sea

  • 2 oz. Four Roses Bourbon
  • 1 oz. Zaya Spiced Rum
  • .5oz. Fernet Branca
  • .50z. Cinnamon Syrup

To create a strong contrast and smoky base, Andrew begins with Four Roses Bourbon, a favorite basic canvas to so many different recipes.

The rum of choice for this drink is Zaya Gran Reserva, which is a blend of 12 aged rums sourced from Trinidad and Tobago. It's a sweet rum with hints of caramel, vanilla and oak, perfect complement to the bourbon.

Cinnamon syrup and Fernet-Branca add the sweetness and complexity needed to round up the taste. Served in a smoky rocks glass with orange peel oils.  

Presentation and finishing touches include smoking and fire, two of Andrew’s signature moves. After all, fire is his perfect garnish, the only one he’ll ever need. 

I like to stir a little longer than normal stirred cocktail, gives it a better chill - says Andrew as he works on the cocktail’s perfect level of dilution. For those counting, The Old Man and the Sea sits at over 3 oz of alcohol, not a drink for the weak at heart so the extra stirring helps. A lot. 

Watch the video to see Andrew in action, then make sure to follow Andrew Winters and The Blind Rabbit to learn more about their amazing drinks. And as always, don't forget to TAG @TheBestDrinkEver to be featured.