Behind The Bar: Andrew Winters plays with fire


We hope that you've been following our host Laura Odegard who just last week sat with Andrew Winters from the Blind Rabbit while he showed us how he perfected one of his favorite cocktails: The Old Man and the Sea. 

We quickly learned that fire and smoke can add to the presentation and flavor profile of the drink while opening its ingredients to a multitude of possibilities.

Lightning a drink on fire, as it turns out, also shows a great deal of confidence on your tending skills. Confidence is by far one of the most important traits people look for when ordering drinks from the finest mixologists. 

Andrew's best creations showcase fire as a center piece, not as a main ingredient per se, but really as a catalyst, one that adds flavor and sets the stage for a remarkable story behind each of his recipes. And much in line with this mind frame, we were once again mesmerized by the Wait for It, Mr. Winters's second drink, created especially for Laura and The Best Drink Ever. 

The Drink: Wait for It

The main spirit used Zaya 12 year Aged Rum, with a Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Simple Syrup, Vanilla Bitters, a little 151 proof Rum + Cinnamon Dust to garnish and a Flamethrower. 

It's a tropically infused fruit juice and rum concoction Andrew kicks it up a notch by dousing 151 proof rum and Cinnamon over the serving glass, resulting into a cloud of spice, then quickly pouring the drink into the glass to put out the flames.

A beautiful presentation alongside a most pleasant cocktail for your ever guilty pleasure - a drink in flames. Make sure to follow us to see which Laura tries next. Cheers!