What is Opuntia? Local Spirits :: Ventura Spirits


With no time to rest, our team heads to Ventura Spirits for a private tasting of locally sourced spirits ranging from a earthy gin to the vibrant Opuntia, a prickly pear based spirit, highlighting so much of what makes Ventura County Coast what it is today. Ventura spirits also produces a strawberry based brandy and a crisp vodka, all which could be featured as lead ingredients in cocktails.

After the tasting, TBDE caught up with Henry, one of the owners to talk about his experience as a distiller in California's Central Coast and learn more about his brand that uses uncommon inputs to create bold, unique flavors. 

Discover some great tiki cocktails on our next stop in VCC and don't forget to visit Ventura County Coast to find out more about this great destination.