LA Rooftops :: 5 Cocktail Experiences to Enjoy Right Now


People often say that the rooftop scene in LA does not stand tall compared with the likes of New York City and Chicago. We wanted to prove they were wrong so we curated 5 great rooftop experiences in Los Angeles to enjoy craft cocktails. 


Enjoy Authentic Tiki Drinks at E.P. + L.P., West Hollywood

Bar Manager Adam Nystron is a favorite of our staff for obvious reasons. The main culprit: mean spirited cocktails that reflect some of the most current trends in modern mixology while highlighting sister restaurant's EP's Asian and Polynesian inspired cuisines. Since being featured on TBDE last year, Adam had a chance to refresh Frankie's Rooftop bar menu for this Summer, while keeping a couple of favorites in for regulars like us.

On that note, we recommend the Welcome to the Jungle cocktail which mixes a blend of rums, falernum syrup, coconut, hibiscus and lime juice. It is then served in an authentic tiki mug you get to keep and refill for a discount.

The sunset views at this LA rooftop will keep you coming back for another one of Adam's creations, guaranteed. Check out last year's video featuring yet another great cocktail. 

E.P. & L.P.

Gaze at the Panoramic Views from 71Above, Downtown LA



The newest addition to the LA rooftop crowd comes to Downtown atop the famous US Bank circular building Downtown LA. 71Above provides diners with a viewing show featuring breathtaking views that stretch to all corners of the city, including views of the Pacific Ocean - that is, when the smog clears, of course.

The cocktail menu as it is expected these days, reflect the restaurant's main culinary trends while having each recipe inspired and named after some notorious LA neighborhoods. It was by exploring the menu that I found out Los Angeles has a Thai Town.

The THAI TOWN cocktail features Kafir & Lemongrass-Infused Brugal Rum, Lime, Nigori Sake, Jasmine, Bärenjäger Honey Liqueur. The hints of honey and milk from the liqueur and sake mix very well with the citrusy notes of the kafir and lemongrass. It screams Thai food. Perfect libation with a Los Angeles view as your garnish. 



Detox and Retox at Catch LA

Detox Retox: tequila and a bunch of goodness

Detox Retox: tequila and a bunch of goodness

It's been labeled LA's hottest rooftop, with waves of celebrities spotting, paparazzi mayhem outside. Upstairs, a manicured landscaped rooftop with twinkle light decorated ceilings. The perfect stage for perfectly crafted cocktails upbeat scene for a health concious crowd. 

The Detox Retox cocktail is a bruncher's paradise: it features matcha green tea and cucumber to revitalize. Herradura Silver tequila, mint and lime to help kick start the Sunday engine.  The drink is offered to patrons in pebble ice filled mini milk jugs, highlighting a dark green hue- the same green powering so many these days in Los Angeles.

Catch LA -

Sip a cold Michelada at Upstairs @  Ace Hotel, Downtown LA

Upstairs Bar - Ace Hotel

Upstairs Bar - Ace Hotel

Sitting sky-high in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles, Upstairs offer some of the best views of the city alongside pool lights - it is the perfect venue to enjoy a range of live events, ingredients that create an energetic scene that's unique to the entire West Coast.

The cocktails, as it comes to be expected from any urban haven these days, offers perfectly crafted classic recipes reflecting some of SoCal's most defining characteristics.

Take the authentic Michelada recipe - among one of the best in town, a perfect brunch cocktail for anyone that ever enjoyed a Bloody Mary but wasn't ready for vodka at 10am. We don't blame you!

The properly labeled Peluca Lake Michelada features Mexican lager, tomato juice, tamarind, fish sauce, lime, serrano and of course, tajin.

PRO TIP: You can easily add authentic Mezcal Joven to your Michelada for a more intense, smoky experience. Highly recommended for the hours of 10:01am on.

Upstairs @ Ace Hotel DTLA

Get Smoked at The Erwin Hotel, Venice Beach

Venice Boardwalk view from The Erwin Rooftop

Venice Boardwalk view from The Erwin Rooftop

More sweeping views of the Pacific Ocean from this rooftop and the laid back nature of Venice Beach beneath. The Erwin continues to be a staple among LA rooftops.

The Drink: SMOKE ON THE WATER which features xicaru mezcal, orgeat syrup, mint, fresh lime, grapefruit, twisting a traditional tiki recipe into uncharted smoky waters. The result is a solid combination of fruit flavors and orgeat, laced up in mezcal smokiness, enough to cover the entire city.

Playing along with much of what's been a major trend in today's drinking times, the mezcal recipes continue to proliferate among so many drinking spots in the City of Angels and beyond. Fine by us. 

Hotel Erwin‎

We hope you enjoyed these 5 curated recipes from so many we enjoy while visiting these great rooftop venues in LA. Much more to be explored so we will be sure to revisit this list again in the Fall. After all, it is rooftop season in Los Angeles pretty much all the time.

In the meantime, follow us as we search for The Best Drink Ever.

Sunset views from The Ace Hotel Rooftop DTLA

Sunset views from The Ace Hotel Rooftop DTLA