Boozy Pick Me Up : The Our/Espresso Vodka Martini Menu


TBDE had the pleasure of teaming up with Our/Los Angeles Vodka for a tasty and energizing exercise involving two great ingredients: Espresso and vodka. A simple combination that can only be improved upon when you team up with four of LA's best mixologists that brought in their A-game in creating riffs of the popular drink. 


Though the classic recipe calls for equal parts Kahlua, Espresso and Vodka, vigorously shaken and served in a chilled coupe, the team really wanted to highlight the range bartenders have when working with two clean, high-quality ingredients. The results were nothing short of extraordinary: a collection of afternoon pick-me-ups that are worth being up all night for (if you were bold like us and had one of each).


The idea of mixing alcohol and coffee isn't new, with even large roasters like Starbucks trying to dab into the concept over the years. With that in mind, most of what the crew sought to accomplish was aimed at preserving the integrity of the recipe while finding new ingredients that pair well with coffee notes. 

This exercise wasn't as much about innovation as it was about creating a range for drinkers and bartenders who enjoy coffee and vodka and have no problem putting 2+2 together.


Two Espresso Martinis are born at Our / Los Angeles Vodka Distillery

Two Espresso Martinis are born at Our / Los Angeles Vodka Distillery


The Our/Los Angeles Espresso Martini Menu

Coffee is For ClosersChris Amirault (Otium LA) --  Our / Los Angeles Vodka, Cafe Mocha, Red Eye Bitters, Espresso, Martinique Cane Simple Syrup. Garnished with Chartreuse Sweet Cream.

Marengo Ave. / Jason Yu (Pasadena, CA) -- Our / Los Angeles Vodka, Averna, Creme de Cacao, Xanthan Gum, Chocolate Bitters, Saline.

Rossmore Ave. / BarMaxLA (Los Angeles, CA)  Our / Los Angeles Vodka, Espresso, Melleti Amaro, pecan, lavender syrup and Walnut Bitters. Dusted with powdered chocolate. 

Bitter End / The Best Drink Ever (Los Angeles, CA) -  Our / Los Angeles Vodka, Espresso, Red Eye Rye Whiskey, Dash of Amaro Montenegro. Spritz of lemon oil.


I wanted to create something that reminds you of that very first cup of coffee in the morning
— Jason Yu @jasonfyu

"Our goal was to highlight this astounding recipe, which can be the perfect drink on so many occasions. " - said Rupert Runewitsch, a partner at Our/Los Angeles Vodka during the event.

Rupert is 100% correct. The Espresso Martini is rather versatile and can be the perfect companion in more than one distinct occasion:  whether you're enjoying your boozy dessert nightcap at your favorite restaurant or brunch if you prefer your vodka on the sweet side. Perhaps even making that daily drink at home after a hard day's work.

About Our Los Angeles / Vodka

Our/Los Angeles is partly-distilled, blended and hand-bottled in the micro-distillery Downtown Los Angeles, in the heart of the Arts District according to the same global recipe, but with the use of different, locally-sourced ingredients, giving each vodka its own, unique flavor profile. The small-sized, simple bottle is sealed with a crown-cap containing a vodka that is smooth, fresh and pure with a slight grain and fruity note.

The Best Drink Ever