5 Must Try Pisco Cocktails from LA's Top Bartenders


Where are all of our Pisco fans? We had our first taste of Pisco 20 year ago hiking Choquequirao (The Other Machu Picchu) and we were immediately hooked. Pisco can be traced back to 16th century Spanish settlers, but only started to become a top-shelf staple over the past few years both in the U.S. and globally.

Today, we are excited to team up with our friends at El Gobernador Pisco and LA’s Top bartenders to share some of our favorite Pisco cocktails. Hope you enjoy!

1. Jason Yu Wants to Give You All the Piscos

Give me all the pisco! Jason Yu serves up this beautiful cocktail made with: 45ml El Gilberto Pisco, 20ml Pineapple, 20ml Parfait Amour, 15ml Lemon, 10ml Bruto Americano

2. The Garnish Guy Serves Up His Must Try Tiki Pisco

Two words. Tiki. Pisco. “It is 2019 and bartenders around the world are including Pisco in Sours, spirit forward, and tiki cocktails. We partnered up with @elgobernadorofficial to inspire you to include more pisco into your recipes. Let me know what you come up with!!” - @the_garnishguy
Si Capitan!
1 1/2 oz @elgobernadorofficial Pisco1/2 oz Greek Lightinning Honey Liqueur, 1/2 oz Pamplemousse, 1/4 oz Aperol, 1/2 oz Lemon Balm Almond Orgeat, 1 oz Lemon Juice

3. If you haven’t tried Aaron’s Thorn Tree cocktail, you are missing out.

'Ello gov'na! @aaronpolsky helps us get the short work week started with his with his Thorn Tree cocktail featuring El Gobernador aka the Governor! . -@PiscoElGobernador - Douglas Fir Brandy - Lemon - Genepy Herbal Liqueur - Flamed Rosemary . El Gobernador is a Chilean Pisco made from Muscat grapes, resulting in an aromatic, floral and well-rounded spirit.

4. Good luck getting the name of this cocktail out of your head.

Kiwi Do You Love Me? @dramawise serves up this @piscoelgobernador pool pounder @brokenshaker with kiwi cucumber agua fresca, shaker herb blend, lemon juice, salers and 3 dashes of Chinese 5 Spice Bitters.

4. Pisco and Champagne? Take my money Dee!

Chardonnay AND Pisco? Don't mind if we do! @dwd40 crushes it with another unique mix, El Gilberto. . 1.5oz @PiscoElGobernador 1oz Macon village Chardonnay 1oz Concord grape syrup .25oz simple 1oz lemon juice 3 Dash Macao 5 spice bitters.

Thanks for checking out these Must Try Cocktails sponsored by our friends at El Gobernador Pisco. Make sure to follow us on our search for The Best Drink Ever. Cheers!